I Realized I Should Try

The walls are there, strong and high
Built by years of division and strife
I cannot possibly break them down
When I cannot even see over the top
Or understand what is holding it firm
So why should I even bother to try?

I know for certain- I can feel it inside
That it is not the color you are outside
That should determine your life and destiny  
It shouldn’t create the chains all around
But I cannot change everyone’s minds
So why should I even bother to try?

I’m not the one who created this mess
Let those who made it put it all back
There’s many of them and only one of me
History has proven the eminent win, and
Those who are highest always succeed
So why should I even bother to try?

But that was before I saw you that day
All I could see was your eyes, so kind
They locked with mine for only a moment
And my heart broke as you dropped them
But that is the law, and even my wishes
Won't change cruel laws from cruel hearts

Something inside of me changed and grew
And I do not think I'll be the same, now that
Mistreated has a beautifully wistful face,
Enslaved has a hungry, desperate soul, and
Captive has those dark, haunting eyes
It has all become real....much too real

The walls are still there, strong and high
But if I could move even one brick-
The chains are still heavy, for young and old
But if I could loose even one link-
The laws are still there, so fierce and unjust
But if I could change even one word- 

I realized I should try 


right isn't easy


right isn't easy
in fact, 99% of the time
it's really, really hard
i wonder why we keep thinking
that somehow, someway,
right would be easy
because it's not

right isn't easy
it never has been
just look at history
the ups and downs
have all been from right
waging war with wrong
but somewhere, somehow

right always prevails-
but not without a cost

right isn't easy
i want to remember that
when i'm tempted to ignore
the voice inside telling me to
stand up for the truth- for what's 
defined as right by the one 
who created right to reflect Himself

 keep fighting for right, 
because right isn't easy
but it's worth it all


(Don't) Walk Away

you are standing there, face pressed into your hands
head bent low, hair tumbled, and body slumped
I pause, hands full of papers and bags and myself
the downtown street is heavy with dusk and the lights flicker
I hear the whisper but stand there, arguing with myself
you remain still, a frozen image of despair
I feel the nudge but stand there, considering my comfort 
you remain stiff, the embodiment of overwhelmed
hands nervously shaking, I walk a few steps closer
the night has fully descended now and the streetlights are glaring
my indecisiveness, my renamed excuses claw at my insides
I take a deep breath, pull my things closer- and walk away


I don't want to be the kind of person who walks away from a need that I could have met. It could be the smallest thing that means the world to someone (this post comes to mind), or it could be something a little bigger, a little bolder, that shows them Jesus. After all, there's so much in this world that we can't do anything about....so why are we passing up chances right where we are to do something? Let's be in tune to what Jesus wants us to do, and then let's do it. Whether it's to smile, to hug, to speak, to listen, or whatever it may be, let's do something. I don't want to walk away any more. 


But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? // 1 John 3:17 

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ // Matthew 25:40 


redefine & be redefined

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there's a lot in life that needs to be redefined
and brought back to what it was originally
because it's been dragged -or has drifted-
so far from the truth 


it's not simply a lack of fear
not at all
it's not letting fear overcome you
(because when you do right it will try)


it's not simply a wish
not at all
it's looking forward to a certain future
(because it was laid up for you as of old)


it's not simply a feeling
not at all
it's an action and a sacrifice
(because true love will hurt sometimes)


it's not simply blind hope
not at all
it's the proof of what we can't see yet
(because we will in all fullness one day)


aren't simply one out of billions
not at all
you have a soul, a mind, and a heart
that longs to love, live, and be loved
(because you were created that way)


though the world wants to redefine these things
and many, many others
please remember that you are defined
by the One who made you
by His love and grace
and you are not who you once were
(so please hold these new definitions close)

and be redefined