what if

what if
we could look inside
someone else's mind
and see what's really

like that girl
who you thought
looked perfect
and had it all
and who is really
and depressed
and so alone?

like that guy
out on the street
who looks so weird
and wanders around
yet who's really
a renewed soul
who needs a

like yourself
who feels imperfect
and useless
and yet at other times
feels just fine
then starts it
all over

what if
we all need
something in common
to heal and renew
and give another chance
and show us we can't
do it alone?

'cause no one can

what if
we saw all this
and accepted
the help we can receive
if we ask?

i think
we'd be surprised
at what will happen

-written 9.4.16


Lovely {Writer} Blogs

Hello, readers!
Today I have some more blog recommendations to share with you! A few weeks ago, I shared some of my favorite inspirational blogs with you, and today I have some of my favorite writer's blogs to share! These are blogs that are purely or mostly devoted to writerly-type posts, or actual pieces of writing.

A Writer's Faith, written by Katie Grace
Katie Grace writes mostly about, uh, writing, and she's written several novels already. Her blog design is really beautiful and professional, and she has lots of great writing tips, plus posts about books and other awesome things like that. Make sure you give her blog a follow, if you don't already!

Twilight to Dawn, written by Julia Ryan
Twilight to Dawn is Julia's poetry blog. Instead of rambling about it, I'll just say that you should definitely head over and check out her beautiful poetry right now!

Pen and Ink, written by Megan
As the title of her blog suggests, Megan does indeed write about writing! In fact, her most recent post is all about things that all writers know to be true. Megan also writes posts such as book reviews, tags, and life musings, so make sure to stop by her blog!

Scattered Scribblings, written by Savannah Perran
I'm so excited that Savannah's blog is now public, so I can share it with you! Savannah writes posts about writing, books, and other random things, plus some amazing poetry and novellas.  Make sure to stop by and give Savannah's blog a follow!

The Left-Handed Typist, written by Abi Ellison 
Abi's blog is mainly about writing and books, which is always a great combinations, isn't it? ;) She has written a novella, and has lots of other story plots that sounds really interesting! She writes posts about writing, books, and other neat things, so make sure to stop by her blog as well.

I hope you were able to find a few new blogs to perhaps encourage and help you out in your writer's journey. And even if you're not a writer, these blogs are totally worth reading anyway! =)



One Life

one life
so precious
messed up
full of guilt
and regret
about the decisions
that were made
it seems like
the only way
to fix the problem
but deep down inside
full of the knowledge
that it's wrong
but it feels
like there's no other choice
but to go ahead
and regret it

one life
so precious
full of potential
and special
made by the Creator
from His very hands
robbed of the chance
to ever live
the amazing life
that He gave
especially for it
that unheard voice
is crying out
for life
to live
and be loved


one Life
so perfect
holy and just
sent to be
the ransom
for many other lives
no matter what 
they look like
messed up or guilty
shameful or regretful
broken or empty
everyone's life
has something of those
which is why the
one true Life
came to give His life
for those who will accept

so spread the word
and help others
to learn of
the one Life
that was given for them
while fighting for
the ones
who can't speak up
for themselves
becuase every life matters
to Him
who gave His life
for all
and would have
even for only
one life
because even one life

-written 9.3.16 and 10.13.16 

Life is precious. Let's spread the one true Life to others as we proclaim the message that every life deserves a chance. Because even one life matters to Him. ♥



Monday Musings [1]- Broken

we all
want to be whole
be perfect
be together
we all
are not whole
we're not perfect
we're not together 
we say
we're okay
when we're not
 we act
like we're fine
when we're not
it's okay
to not be whole
or perfect
or together
if we were all
already whole
then we'd have
no need
for a Savior
so be honest
and free
and broken
we're all broken 
and imperfect
and not together
and that's okay
'cause that's how
the Light gets in-
when we're broken 


He heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds. // Psalms 147:3 

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit. A broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise. // Psalms 51:17


Triple Tag Time!

Hello, everyone!
I have been tagged for several different tags in the past couple of months by several lovely people. However, like I  mentioned before, I won't be doing all of the tags that I may get nominated for in the future. Please know that I do appreciate being tagged, and I will still be doing tags, just not very often.;)
However, today I have 3 tags that I decided to do. I know that I was tagged for all of these last month, but hopefully you can still enjoy reading this month! xD
Also, I'm sorry if this post's formatting looks a bit weird. I'm not sure what's going on with it...
Anyway, on to the tags! =)

> The Ultimate Writer Tag from Allie

> Link back to the writer who tagged you (Thank you, Allie!)
  > Answer all of the questions, including the "Ultimate Writer Question".
> Make up your own "Ultimate Writer Question".
>  Tag as many writers as you'd like.

01. When did you first begin writing? I was about seven when I wrote my first real "story". However, it wasn't until recently that I begun writing longer pieces (such as a novel). 

02. What are the best things (pros) about writing? One of my favorite things about writing is the way that writing allows you to express feelings and ideas to others in a way that not much else can. And the way that writing  can impact people is amazing, if you use it in the right way!

03. What are the worst things (cons) about writing?  To me, the worst thing about writing is when you know what you're trying to express, to put down on paper, and the right words just won't come! 

04. What is your favorite thing to write? (novels, stories, poems, etc.)  I like writing short stories and poems the best, although I occasionally write other things. 

05. What is your favorite genre of writing? Historical Fiction or Contemporary. I also like a little fantasy, but I really haven't written much in that genre up to now. 

06. What are your favorite writing resources?  WordHippo is great for finding new, unusual, or rhyming words. I also am excited to try NaNoWriMo for the first time this year!

07. Do you like writing in guy’s POV or girl’s POV?  A girls' POV most of the time, since it's the easiest for me to write. 

08. What is your favorite music to listen to while writing?  I normally only listen to Christian music anyway, so I don't have a particular favorite. In fact, sometimes I like writing in quiet better. xD  

09. What are your favorite writing snacks?  Chocolate, smoothies, or something crunchy, like chips. Although I don't really eat while I write, those are nice for breaks. 

10. What is your favorite place to write? I actually hardly ever write at my desk... it's usually on my bed, when it's quiet.  

11. What is your favorite time to write? At what time do you write the best?  I prefer to write at night, normally. Since I'm a night person, it comes naturally to me, and I do think I write better at night most of the time!

12. What are your favorite famous authors/writers? Some of my favorite authors include L.M. Montgomery, C.S. Lewis, and Martha Finley. You can decide if they're famous or not. :D

13. What/who inspires you to keep writing?  Jesus, my friends and blogger friends, and my family. 

14. How do you find inspiration?  Where do you find inspiration? I would have to say that I find inspiration for writing in very unusual places. Most of the time, I can't even remember where certain of my ideas came from. But I do know that I get a lot of inspiration from reading. 

15. Who are your writing buddies? Although it's sad to admit, I've never yet had a writing buddy that I actually *write* with! But it sounds like a great idea, so I need to find one. :)

 ALLIE'S ULTIMATE WRITER QUESTION: What is your best advice for editing your novels or stories? I'm not sure if I should be answering this, since I've not yet edited a novel. But when the time comes, I highly suspect that I will be clinging to the advice to NEVER GIVE UP!

 MY ULTIMATE WRITER QUESTION: What do you do when you're ready to just give up on your WIP because of writer's block?

 I   T A G-

> The Liebster Award [2] from Julia

{There were no rules included in Julia's post, so I'll just skip it as well}

01. If someone handed you a puppy, what would you do?  Probably pet it, then give it to one of my little brothers. 

02. Would you rather camp in a tent with nothing for a month, or be snowed in a log cabin with everything for 4 months? Yikes! I'd prefer neither, but if  I had to pick, I would definitely take the log cabin. I like camping, but not that much. And not without necessities. xD 

03. Your most used word? (i.e. dude. yo. bro. huh. uh. whatevs) Definitely "like". I say it way to much. 

04. If you HAD to move and got to choose the place, where would you go? I have no idea, so I think I'll move on...lol...

05. Are you involved in any Instagram group chats? If so, include a short and utterly goofy snippet.  I'm not on Instagram, so no.

06. Would you rather have poison ivy or chicken pox? Poison ivy (although why must you ask such questions, Julia?!)  

07. What do you do when you're nervous?  Twist my hair, which is a rather unfortunate habit to have.  In fact, I do it all the time, whether I'm nervous or not.

08. Do you write poetry? If so, include a poem. Yes, I do like write poetry. And yes, I'll include a poem, since I must. It's not one of my best, but it's pretty short. 

It takes a while
For our prayers to seem to work
We see it
From our narrow viewpoints
And not from God's
Who sees it perfectly
Much better than we do
When we're tempted 
To give up
To give in
To anger
And hate
And bitterness
We should remember
How narrow
Our viewpoint really is
And how His plans
Are so much better
Than ours 

09. Can you remember passwords??  Most of the time. Unless I get too creative, which I try not to do.

10. What are you looking forward to right now?  Several things, really, but one of the first ones would be cool weather for fall!

I  T A G-
Whoever would like to do this! Julia's questions are really good, so I'll just go with those.

> The Music Tag from Jessica 

 > Thank the person who tagged you (Thanks again, Jessica!)
> Answer the questions.
> Tag others.
> Add your own question to the tag for your nominees to answer.
> Include the rules in your post.

01. Do you play any instruments? I've played the piano for about  7 years (although I've gotten rather rusty lately!), and am learning to play the violin, which I really enjoy. 

02. What is your favorite music genre? I like a lot of different genres, really. Classical music and old hymns, as well as some modern Christian music. I suppose it's better to ask which genres I don't like! And yes, I do normally only listen to Christian music. Just a personal thing. ;)

03. Is there a music genre you absolutely cannot stand?  I don't like rap (even Christian rap... sorry!), or hard rock, etc.

04. What is your favorite way to listen to music? (CD, vinyl, MP3, radio, etc)  I usually listen to music either on the radio, on a CD, or on my iPod. 

05. What/who are your three favorite bands/singers?  Three? Well, I don't think I can narrow it down that much, since I tend to like certain songs from a lot of different bands more than just certain bands themselves. But a few that I do enjoy include Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Francesca  Battistelli, Chris Tomlin, MercyMe....

06. What are your three favorite chords? Interesting question! I like C major on the piano, just because it's basic and easy and soft. Besides that, I'm not sure if  I have any favorites...

 JESSICA'S QUESTION: What do you think is the purpose of music? What a great question! I think that music has a lot of valuable uses, include uplifting and enhancing our lives, for our pleasure and enjoyment, for worship, and a lot more. 

MY QUESTION: How has a certain piece of music influenced your life?

I  T A G -

I hope you were not too swamped by three tags in one post!  I'd love to hear your answers to some of these questions, so if you want, pick your favorite question (or two) from the tags, and answer it in the comments. :)

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely weekend!