Hello! I hope you're having a wonderful Friday, and getting ready to have a great weekend. And no, I haven't forgotten about my writing news. Hopefully it will be in the next post!  :)

This Friday's post it about contentment. Now, before I say anything else, I must say that I am definitely not posting this because I have mastered the art of being content! No, I'm still far from learning how to be content in everything. In fact, most of my blog posts on these types of subjects are reminders to myself, not because I have gotten it down and want to share it, although I wish!
 I would prefer to say that we're all learning on this journey together to be more like Christ.

Okay, now we can move on to the actual post. :D Let's dive in!

What is the definition of contentment?
The dictionary defines contentment as: the state of being happy and satisfied : the state of being content. And the definition of content is: pleased and satisfied : not needing more.

What is contentment, really? And what is the opposite of contentment? 
From the definition, we see that contentment is being satisfied and not wanting more than what we have. So the opposite of contentment would be covetousness, or greed.  And let's face it: everyone struggles with being content! Even the best person that you know has coveted at one time or another.

God's view of contentment vs. covetousness:
The Bible has a lot to say about contentment and greed/coveting. One of the Ten Commandments is "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house... or anything else that is thy neighbor's". (Exodus 20:17)  Often, I think that we don't take this commandment to heart seriously enough, me included!
1 Timothy 6:6 says "Godliness with contentment is great gain". If we can learn how to be contented now, we will have a much easier time as we get older and experience even more! And this verse tells us that we will gain much from leaning how to be content, whether it's through physical blessings or spiritual blessings.

How can we learn to be content?
There are some practical ways that we can practice being content even now! One of the biggest things that we as young ladies can work on is comparing oursleves to others. Probably everyone does at one time or another, but I think it's most common in girls. We look at ourselves and then look at someone else who we think has better hair or skin or whatever, and suddenly, we're not content with how God made us! I have had to remind myself, time and again, that this is a big way that Satan distracts us from God.
Another thing that I have just recently begun to think about is being content in social media. Hosanna's wonderful post really inspired me to think about this more. You can read it here. Anyone who has any form of social media, but especially bloggers, are always thinking about how to get more page views, likes, followers, etc. It's not wrong in and of itself to desire that, but when it becomes our main goal to get more, we've lost our goal. As Christian bloggers, we should focus on representing Christ in our posts to our readers, and not about how many followers we can gain by posting this or that! This is something that God has really challenged me in lately.


I'd really encourage you to, this week, pick an area that you want to focus on becoming more content in, and ask God to help you do that. Whether it's your looks, your family, social media, or even how your bedroom looks, dedicate it to God, and with His help, see what happens! 


What are your thoughts about learning contentment? Comment below!

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Thank you for reading!



  1. This was lovely Emily, thank you for posting it! There's definitely a lot of good advice in it :). Contentment is so hard to learn, but something we all should strive for!

    1. Thank you! Contentment has definitely been something I'm working on lately, and I need reminders every day! =)

      Thank you for your comment, Savannah!

  2. I love your point about social media! It's so true. Great post, Emily!! <3

    1. Thank you so much! I've just begun to realize how much social media can be a big area to become discontent in. :( Thankfully, it's also a great area to work on! ;)

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Grace Anne!

  3. Lovely post, Emily!! There are so many times when we compare ourselves to others, even without realizing it! Thanks for the good reminder...definitely something that I need to think about. =)

    1. Thank you very much, Hosanna! It is certainly quite hard to practice contentment, but definitely worth it in the end. =)

      Thank you for your comment!

  4. I like how you ended this post with a challenge - I'll be thinking of particular areas I need contentment in. I think real contentment comes from complete trust in God; when we know and believe that God made us the way we are, will supply our every need, and has a plan for us and our future, we can just rest, and trust, and be content in Him. (Not saying I've made it there, or anything! I've still got a lot to learn.)

    Anyway, thanks for another thought-provoking post, Emily! God bless. :)

    1. Thank you!
      You are totally right, and trusting in God for our contentment is definitely part of it. I'm not anywhere near it either, so we'll all learn together! ;)

      Thank you so much for reading and for your sweet comment, Jessica!

  5. This was such a needed post, Emily!! For the past few months I've really been thinking about this area of my life and how bad I really am at this. I think what's really helped me is to realize how much Jesus loves me and how I am not more loved or more significant in His eyes if I am like other people. Through reading many books I think I've grown a lot in this area as I've seen how insecurity plays out a lot in discontentment. I still have sooooo much to learn though!!!

    I love your thoughts on this subject!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah!
      I have really been thinking a lot about this lately myself, and you and Hosanna inspired me to think more about this in the area of social media. ;)
      You are right- when we realize that Jesus loves us unconditionally and doesn't care what other people think about us, it becomes a lot easier to be content.

      Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely comment, Hannah! =)

  6. So true Emily! I've been finding myself this week constantly just thinking about things I want. We need to forget to think about what we want and think about what other people need. There are kids are there who are starving and have nothing. Thanks for the encouragement! :)

    1. Thank you for reading! It's sad that we sometimes focus on what we want so much that we can forget about others who would love to have what we have and don't want. :(
      I'm so glad that you're encouraged by this, and thank you for your comment! =)

  7. Wow. Great post on contentment, Emily. :) I struggle with comparing my physical appearance to others and not just loving the way God has made me. I hadn't thought about being content with social medias...certainly something to think on. ;)

    I recently wrote a post on contentment in each season of life, if you'd be interested. :) -- http://chosenbythepotter.blogspot.com/2016/05/contentment-in-all-seasons-of-life.html

    1. Aw, thank you so much Faith! I have and still do struggle with comparing myself to others, but I'm encouraged because I know that God will help me overcome that. And I hadn't thought much about being content with social media before either, but it definitely is something to think about!
      I will be sure to check out your blog post as well. =) Thank you for all your sweet comments!

  8. I also struggle with contentment. With relationships especially, whether it's friends, guys, or accountibility partners...I'm never content with the people God has given to me.

    Allie D.

    1. Ah, yes, relationships are another way that we can work on being content in that I didn't even think about. That is a wonderful area to work on, and I'll be praying for you and your relationships with others!

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Allie! =)

  9. This was a GREAT post, Emily! I really loved the part about social media. People can sometimes get too caught up with how many page views and followers they have, and forget about that they should be spreading the Good Word of our Heavenly Father.
    Loved all your points. :)
    ~ Suzy | Craftz'n'Craziness, Lookin' Good Designs

    1. Thank you so much, Suzy! You are very right, we should be more intent on spreading God's wonderful news than worrying about our followers! ;)

      Thank you so much for commenting, and for following my blog, too! <3

  10. Contentment is SO hard. It's something I'm constantly learning -- because I like to be selfish with everything. Even being content in the little things -- being content to serve my mom by doing the laundry or the dishes. Sigh.
    Love this post. <3

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Ah, you are totally right! The little things are probably one of the hardest to overcome. I have that problem too, unfortunately. :/

      Eeep, thank you so much for your comment, Katie Grace! =)


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