The Resting Place

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My faith has found a resting place
It's in the Lord of all
I know that whatever life may bring
He'll never let me fall

My worries have found a resting place
It's in the Prince of Peace
I know that whatever trials come
His comfort will never cease

My love has found a resting place
It's in the Bridegroom Christ
I know that whatever comes my way
His love will always suffice

My joy has found a resting place
It's in the Risen Savior
I know that nothing else could change
My life and heart and behavior

My hope has found a resting place
It's in the Great I AM
I know that He will bring to pass
The great works He began

My life has found a resting place
It's in the hands of God
I know that nothing can separate it
From His love so deep and broad

My faith has found a resting place
And just like those of old
I can confidently live for Him
Since the entire world He holds


You can listen to the beautiful song, one of my favorites, called My Faith Has Found A Resting Place here. It's partly what inspired this poem. Isn't it amazing to know we have Resting Place for our faith that will last forever? Everyone's faith and trust has a resting place, but only a few have it in the right place. Where has your faith found a resting place?


  1. Wow, wow, wow! What a beautiful poem! I love that it rhymes, too :D (Even though rhyming poems are hard to write sometimes :) ) I love how the words go together--my faith in the Lord of all, my worries in the Prince of Peace, my love in the Bridegroom of Christ, my joy in the Risen Savior, my hope in the Great I AM, my life in the hands of God...what beautiful parallels! The Lord has definitely given you a gift in poetry <3
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. Thanks so much for your encouraging words, Jewels! I agree- rhyming poems are a lot harder to write, but it's so neat when it all comes together finally. Thank you for your sweet comment. xx

  2. This is beautiful. I really like how your poems are filled with Biblical truth. Keep sharing His love through your words! xx

    1. Thank you, Jessica! Keep on sharing His truth like you do so well! xx

  3. Beautiful! I love the scripture that goes hand in hand with the poem :).

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I enjoyed finding the Scriptures to go along with it. God's Word always has the right words for the right time. xx

  4. My faith has found a resting place in words...in speaking openly to others and to God. <3

    1. Yes, indeed... keep sharing them with others for His glory! xx


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