A Quick "Story-Behind-the-Story"

I thought I should explain a little bit more about my story, "Looking for the Light". It is a true story, but I still did write it! I'll try to explain a little better. =)
I first read the story of Arulai and Amy Carmichael about two years ago. I've always loved the example and story of Amy Carmichael, and when I read the short, brief section  in  a biography about the story of Arulai, I was amazed. The biography of  Amy Carmichael that I was reading was not too detailed or specific about Arulai's story.
 Now, I love reading (and writing!) stories that are full of things that make it sound exciting and real,not just fact-upon-facts. I immediately thought that Arulai's story would be perfect to re-tell, with some life injected into it! 
I got as many books about Amy Carmichael as I could, and even re-read a couple of ones I'd already read. Some told Arulai's story in a chapter, some mentioned her as Amy's helper later in life, and some never mentioned her at all! 
So I pieced together the facts from the different books. As you know, no two biographies are ever alike. One contains details the other doesn't and vice versa, which can be helpful, yet aggravating! 
So I basically made the story flow a little smoother, and added in a few minor details, but I didn't come up with the story on my own! It is a true, amazing story of God's power and love. 
(Example: For instance, the  toward the beginning says that Arulai and her friends were playing with a mud ball, and when it broke apart, Arulai flew into a rage. Nothing I read mentioned them playing with a mud ball, but it did say repeatedly that she had an awful temper, and was looking for a Hindu god to help her cure it. So I made up that little scene to make it seem more real. But other things are true details: her little brother dying, her mother not being angry, the pod falling from the tree, her father allowing her to stay with Amy, and other things.) 
One more thing to mention: I recently found out that Amy Carmichael herself wrote  a book about Arulai, called "Plowed Under: The Story of A Little Lover". I have not been able to get this book yet to read in Miss Carmichael's own words Arulai's story. So, having not read her book, I hope that I have not told this story in a misleading way. As soon as I am able to read the book, I will report back here with what I find!
I hope this made sense to you! If you have any questions about the story, please comment and let me know!


  1. Hi Emily!
    Sounds like your book is interesting. Welcome to the world of blogging. :)
    Hope you have a Christ filled day.
    Love in Christ,

    1. Thank you Ashley, for your sweet comment. I hope you did find my story interesting! :) Your blog is wonderful, and I was wondering, would it be okay with you if I added it to my "Blogs I Love" page?
      In Christ,

  2. Amazing story Emily! I know you did a lot of work and research on this piece, and it truly is an impactful story! I love how you wrote it, and I enjoyed reading it. Amy Carmichael was a devoted woman of faith that we should strive to be more like! Have you written any other stories similar to this one?


    1. Thank you Hosanna. I haven't finished any other stories like this yet, but when I do, I will probably post them on here! :)


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