God's Great Love

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, it seems like the perfect time for a little reminder about a big point- God's great love for us. 
Probably the first thing anyone thinks when they hear the word "love" is a "feel-good" feeling about someone or something. That may be what the world says is love, but that's not what God says is love! In John 15:13, it says "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends". 
Lay down your life for someone? Wow, the last time I checked, that's probably the greatest thing you could ever do for anyone! And guess what? Jesus did that for us!  He obeyed His heavenly Father and went to the cross, willingly laying down His life for His enemies. Yes, enemies. Before Jesus takes over our life, we are His enemies! No one likes to think about that much! You might consider giving your life for your best friend, but would you ever think about dying to save your worst enemy? Of course not! But Jesus still did! And He is the one who calls us a friend. 
When I think about that, I am humbled and inspired to have more of Jesus's love, not the world's idea of love. And the way we show love to others is different for different people. Some people show love by giving, others are encouragers. Some may be more shy, but have a talent for serving others willingly. Whatever your gifts are, ask God to show you how you can use them to show others His love. I sure will!
Will you join me as we seek to spread God's great love? 


  1. Wow, this is so good Emily!!

  2. Thank you! I know my posts are rather short, but hopefully not too short! =)

  3. No, definitely not! I actually love when posts are not too long...I think it might help more people read them then when they're super long. ( :


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