The Mystery of the Midnight Trespasser Cover Release

Hello to all my wonderful readers!
Today, I am participating in the new cover release of The Mystery of the Midnight Trespasser by Hosanna Emily, which comes out on April 26!
I haven't read her book yet, but I am very eager to do so, and the new cover makes me even more eager to read it. It looks so good!

The Cover....

RELEASE DATE: April 26, 2016

About the Book....

"Rosy growled, and I knew she was pacing the porch. I sensed her uneasiness. Something was wrong. Rosy never barked at cars; why would she choose this one?" 

13 year-old Emily Kessler believes in God, but when she discovers someone trespassing in the middle of the night, can she learn to trust in Him completely? Will she have the courage to solve the mystery with her friends? And when everything falls apart, will Emily be able to keep those she loves safe?

About the Author....

Hosanna Emily wrote her first novel at age fourteen.  She is a homeschooled, independent author who is the oldest daughter in a family of eleven.  She enjoys exploring the sparkling creek by her home in rural Kentucky, reading, drawing, learning American Sign Language, and spending time with her family and with her Creator.

To learn more, visit her blog at:


  1. YAAAAA!!!!! I already read this post at Hosanna's blog, but I just can't help saying this. I LOVE THE COVER!!!!!!!

    1. The cover is great, isn't it? :)

    2. YUP! *Runs off and screams* You know what?! I just got a call from Stone Soup stonesoup.com is a magazine that shows kids' artwork, stories, and poems. I submitted a short poem and they're think about putting it in there magazine!!!!!!!! *Screams even harder, then runs around, still screaming*

    3. Wow, congratulations! I know how that feels--I had something like that happen to me recently, and will soon post about it. :D


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